Thank you, Lloyd Schwartz…

for selecting my poem, “Windraker” as the 2012 Frank O’Hara Prize winner.

Congratulations to the other winners and honorable mentions:

Thomas F. Carroll, Doris E. Matthews, Helen Marie Casey, Rodger Martin, Catherine Zebrowski, and Robert Steele.

All winning and honorable mention poems will appear in the 2012 issue of The Worcester Review.

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Bravo, Laura Kasischke

The top of my head has been surgically removed and trees and light and angels and the wind and the rain and the ghosts of any imagined past have all flooded in, are still flooding in dancing, dancing, dancing. I have just begun to read Laura Kasischke’s Space, in Chains.

Whatever you do, get your hands of this book.

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A Brief Guide to National Poetry Month

But what it doesn’t say is that lumping everything into poetry month makes for some difficulties. Poets might like to book an occasional reading in some other month. And what about trying to be three places at once to attend the feast of events that often conflict with each other. And its tax time for god’s sake.  Maybe we’d be better served with one day — National Poetry Day–for much fanfare to raise awareness, and then spread out the programs over the year.

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‘A Mad Obsession’: Poetry on the Brain

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In Te Domine Speravi

Brief exchange of glances over the wire. Wheels within.  No time to consider the inevitable when the muzzle is leveled at your eyeball. Good enough for a substitute morality. By the time you read this, all will be lost. Now on the back porch waiting for winter: a pile of old coats, another of shoes. There must be a formula to bring these things home. If only we had not burned all the maps before leaving. If only the moon would stop paring itself into the sea.


from Tickets for the Broken Year by Dan Lewis. (Naissance Press, 2011)

Hear selections read by the author, with original music composed and performed by Michael Milligan. Sunday, April 15, 3pm — DelRossis Trattoria, Dublin, NH.

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In California During the Gulf War by Denise Levertov

Last night at Assumption College, a reunion of, and presentation by, participants in Denise Levertov’s seminal workshop in Worcester in the early 70’s. This morning, browsing Levertov poems with my coffee, I come on this late one, more apt than ever now.

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History of English (in 10 minutes)

Came across this and it is too good not to post.  If nothing else, it is a reminder of the wealth of possibility we who write in English have to play with.  And “play” is the operative word.  I doubt you’d ever see this sort of thing for the French language.

History of English (YouTube)

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